Personal Information Protection Policy

We have established the following "Information Protection Policy" and will strive to protect personal information appropriately.

  • -We will appropriately generate, collect, use, and provide information.
  • -We will prevent unauthorized access to information, as well as the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of information.
  • -We will comply with laws, regulations, and other standards related to information.
  • -We will maintain and continuously improve our regulations regarding information protection.
  • -We will document this policy and make it known to all parties to whom it applies.

Purpose of use of customers' personal information

The Company will use the personal information provided by customers within the scope of the following purposes.

  • -To confirm the identity of the customer, to notify the customer of the suspension, termination, or cancellation of service, and to provide other services.
  • -To make sales recommendations, conduct questionnaire surveys, and send free gifts, etc., regarding our services through various media such as telephone, e-mail, and mail.
  • -To improve the Company's services or to develop new services.
  • -In addition to the above, acts related to the Company's business.
  • -To provide non-life insurance and services incidental or related thereto.

In order to achieve the above purposes of use, the Company may entrust the personal information provided to its contractors or business partners. In addition, when there is a request for disclosure from a court of law, police agency, or other public institution based on laws and regulations, we may provide the information to the relevant public institution. The Company may revise the above policies. In such cases, all revisions will be notified on this website.

Use of this Website

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Warranty and Limitation of Liability

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Governing Law

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